A-coating we will go

Off to the powder coaters-002So, as promised, I took it all apart again, painfully aware that there were lots of things that perhaps I should have done but haven’t managed to get around to doing. All the same, I put it on the chassis all on my own (the last time I did this I got Anthea to help and she ended up with 8 stitches in a slash to her knee). Here it is sitting on the trailer ready to be dragged over to Thetford where Andy Bates preferred powder coaters are. I’m getting it done in a colour often used by Andy which is sort of mid-grey. They call it anthracite but it isn’t as that’s essentially proper black.

A Collection of Corners-001So, the chassis is now away and I should really be getting on with all sorts of other things. I seem to have hit a bit of a lull in enthusiasm though. Once the chassis comes back I’m sure that’ll go away. At the very least I need to tidy up some things in the garage. I’ve had to move some things out in order to get a bit of room, for example this complete set of Sabre corners that’s currently living in the hall under the stairs.


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