A lonely race

A quick post to link to a video of the race at the weekend. This is some “highlights” from my race at the weekend although it could hardly be called exciting. Mind you, its looks fascinating compared to the GP at the weekend.

I ought to point out that I wasn’t really braking in the manner I appear to be in the video; even I don’t drive down the straights with the brakes on. The logger seemed to be having some sort of fit. I suspect as a consequence of the daughter board falling out of the back of the logger in the Allcomers race. I’ll have a look at that before the next outing at Mallory Park.

Also, you will notice that the AFR reading on the dash is fixed at 9. This is because I took the wideband lambda sensor off in preparation for putting in on the J15 at the end of last year. Perhaps I need to revisit that…

Mind you, further back down the field things were rather more exciting. You can see a few other bits of video on the RGB drivers forum here.

2 thoughts on “A lonely race”

  1. Yeah, that was easily the dodgiest bit of the race; I missed getting the front end into the Bombhole “banking” and the inevitable happened. Doesn’t look very clever on the video, does it?

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