Another weekend in Anglesey: 1

I spent the weekend a couple of weeks ago in Anglesey again. Colin and I had entered for the Welsh Racing Drivers Association races there. I did these races a couple of years ago too and had had a great time. After the 750 meeting a few weeks ago it was hard to resist.

The photo here, by the way, I’ve nicked from the WRDA site. I hope they don’t mind… This is just after thestart of the first race on Saturday and I’m in 7th place having had to take avoiding action from that Mondeo in front of me which made an attempt at knocking me off the track. He later on made another attempt on Colin (who’s actually in the lead here) which battered Colin’s already considerably battered car rather seriously.

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A short race

I’ve been looking at the data logs from Donington. I was rather amused to see this picture of my complete race there. As you can see, the bit to the start/finish line was almost as long as the rest of the race.

No worry, I’ve lightened up a bit now. I’m actually doing some races next at Anglesey with a different club. Hopefully that means I can relax a bit and get my brain back into gear.