A return to the lists

Airbox coverNo, I don’t charging up and down on a horse with a lance and trying to kill someone. In contrast, I mean making lists of things to do over the winter, many of which won’t actually get done. This year, though, things are a little different in that I’ve (well, really we’ve decided) to stop full time work at the end of the year. Whether this translates immediately into no work, or just part time work is anyone’s guess. For now, though, I studiously avoiding the R word, because that’s something that old people do. Continue reading “A return to the lists”


Front floorIt’s getting awfully close to Rockingham now, but I think it’s going to be possible as long as I don’t strike any fundamental problems.

One of the things to do is to add a front and rear floor to the car. In the future, I’m doubtless going to want to be more sophisticated about this but I decided to do something simple for now. For the front floor, I haven’t sorted the rear one yet, I made a mould by bending a sheet of aluminium around some bits of wood and laid up a mixture of various bits of fabric using some polyester resin with some stiffening ribs made our of coremat embedded in the mix. Also embedded in the mix, as a consequence of the location, are 1 Red Admiral butterfly and various bits of honeysuckle.

Note the innovative use of three wheelie bins… Continue reading “Eeek!”

Aiming at Rockingham

Velocity stacksWell, even though I hate the circuit, I’m now aiming for the next race at Rockingham which will take place on 5th and 6th of July. What’s more, that’s the date of the annual RGB marshals’ BBQ so I really have to be there.

As such, I’ve got a real mountain to climb although I think it’s just about feasible. Getting some time for testing sounds a bit tricky though.

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The return of the job list

Sidepod supportWell, it’s not that long since the last update and I have made some progress. I’ve been a bit spurred on by going to the RGB race at the weekend and feeling that I was missing our rather a lot. The objective now has to be to get the car ready, in whatever expedient way is possible, just to be able to go racing. I can tart it up after that. Assuming I don’t biff it of course.

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A plan gets closer together

Sidepod floorSo, carrying on from last week, I pressed on with the overall bodywork fitment. Having started fitting that ply floor I showed you last time I carried on and added some diagonal supports to stiffen it up. You may noticed that I added a piece of angle all along the edge of this; this will provide some place to rivet the outer surface to. Continue reading “A plan gets closer together”

So near but so far

Battery clamp-001I’m getting closer to the end of all this, but there’s still a long way to go. I’ve got a few things to say, though, which is quite good considering I’ve been out of the country for a week recently. A consequence of getting closer to the end is that there’s a whole lot of more bitty things been going on. Hence this is going to be a bit fragmented.

First up, and with its own photo, is a better strap to hold the battery in place. Told you it was going to be interesting, didn’t I? Continue reading “So near but so far”

The finishing line hoves into view

Final end mouldsAlthough, to be fair, it’s still a long way away… I’ve managed to make a decent bit of progress over the long Easter weekend, the time albeit being marred by death of an old friend and being laid up with a bloody migraine. (I reckon I know what it is now, whenever I take a holiday I get cluster of migraines. Apparently that’s not uncommon.)

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Mould manouevres

Mould preparationI’m getting so bad at writing this blog that it’s getting annoying. I do write the occasional facebook post that ends up in the RGB group but that isn’t enough really. Worst of all, I have to read back and remember where I’d got to. The answer is usually that it wasn’t that different from now really…

All the same there is real progress to talk about this time. Last time, you will remember, I’d removed the moulds and ceremonially broken up the buck. The buck is in fact still sitting at the side of the house ready to be dumped into a skip that we’re hiring soon.

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