Dashing along

Well, hardly that to be honest. Dawdling would be closer to the truth.

After Brands one of the immediately obvious issues was that the airbox had fallen apart. The top panel had been completely ripped off which is slightly alarming. I think I might have precipitated this; at some point before the Brands race I was doing something around the head restraint area and managed to nut the airbox rather firmly. Although leaving me rather dizzy I did recall an ominous cracking sound. At that point I found that the aluminium support brackets at the top of the ‘box had fatigued into two parts, which I put down to making them in 1mm sheet so I remade them with 2mm sheet. However, perhaps I fatally wounded the airbox at the same time, as well as nigh on fatally wounding me.

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So, it was time for another race. I decided that I could take the weekend off finishing my thesis (which I have since finished, yay!) and make the loooong drive to Pembrey for two RGB races. Problem with Pembrey is that it’s  a long way and it has a bad habit of raining. Rain as in absolutely pouring down, not that sort of pathetic English rain but the full-on Welsh variety.

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It’s getting back to normal service here. especially as I’ve just finished the first final draft (yes, I know that doesn’t make sense) of my thesis. So,I thought to myself, “I’ll update the blog before I go to bed”. See? I really care.

After all the stuff I’ve done recently, a sensible person would get the car to a dyno to set it up properly. However, I just won’t have time for that so I decided to fit the wideband lambda sensor on the car. When I designed the wiring loom I included wiring for this sensor, which I had installed on the Fury, but I never got around to installing the sensor. As I’d put the boss into the exhaust it seemed that now was a decent time to install it.

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Spoiling it

It’s getting closer and closer to the first race, although I’ve got one more test before then, but I’m thinking more and more about the race. (That is, I’m getting very nervous!)

So, I’ve just been doing a few bits and pieces really.  First up was fixing a small problem. I found at the recent Snetterton test that when I climbed into the car I tended to whack my knee on the connector on the bottom of the Palm, breaking it! So, I’ve put a little extension on the bottom of the mounting plate to hopefully support it a bit better.

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