OK Ginger; Contact!

I’ve got empty garage syndrome. Although, I must admit to seeing the Fury go to a chap that’s clearly intending to race it. As you can see, there’s now only one red car in my garage. So, I could get on with sticking myself into the car; making a seat involves quite a lot of mess as the cut-up bits of foam get everywhere.

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Just take a seat, will you?

A thing I’ve been concerned about for a while is whether the seat belt mountings are OK for use with the HANS device, which requires that the angle of dangle of the belts between the HANS and the mountings is within 20° of horizontal. So, I installed a seat (that is, the old blanket that I use for such things) and took a video of myself sitting down in the seat in various ways. The photo on the right is an image capture from this video, which I made with the video camera I inherited off my Dad.

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