Spoiling it

It’s getting closer and closer to the first race, although I’ve got one more test before then, but I’m thinking more and more about the race. (That is, I’m getting very nervous!)

So, I’ve just been doing a few bits and pieces really. ¬†First up was fixing a small problem. I found at the recent Snetterton test that when I climbed into the car I tended to whack my knee on the connector on the bottom of the Palm, breaking it! So, I’ve put a little extension on the bottom of the mounting plate to hopefully support it a bit better.

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When we went to Snetterton last the inside of the unprotected car got soaked. In order to stop this happening I need to make some sort of tonneau cover. I’d also like to make something that stops some of the whirlpooling of air inside the cockpit that these sorts of cars tend to make.

I made a tonneau for the Fury but it was a bit naff really. So I decided to do something a bit better this time. So, I made the thing in the photo on the right. Continue reading “Anti-rain”


Well, the plan was that we would go to Snetterton on Saturday for the first test courtesy of a Bookatrack track day.

Well, that was the idea anyway. We wended our way up there earlyish on Friday with the intention of getting a time driving around the paddock that evening. As it happened it was too dark really. What’s more, it was throwing it down with rain. So, we went to bed. Continue reading “Drownded”