Four wheels on my wagon

It’d be  nice to be able to move the car around in a while, so having put the rear suspension together I set about the front suspension.

First up was fitting the steering rack, which took about an hour. I’ve done this several times now and I still can’t work out how Jeremy managed to design this because it fits with fractions of a millimetre to spare.  There’s a trick to getting it in, and every time I fit it I work out what the trick is. And then, being a chap with ages neurons, I promptly forget again. Oh well, with luck this time it’s there for a good long time.

Then, as at the rear, I broke out all the carefully labelled acetal bearings and fitted all the front suspension and hooked it up to the steering rack. I haven’t fitted the anti roll bar yet, because I need to work out exactly how to make that yet.

What I do need to do, as you can probably tell, is to chop that aluminium floor panel up so that the wheels have something to poke through. I don’t actually have the correct wheels yet, but some of the Fury ones will do in the meantime. The offset is wrong, so the track will be rather larger than it ought to be, but if needed I can move the car around.

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