It’s a topsy-turvy world

Of course, with it being Christmas and all, it’d be nice to think that I could make some good progress on the car. Admittedly, I do have some work to do, not the least trying to get some shape into what’s going to be in my PhD thesis which I’m supposed to write next year. I wonder what I’ll write about?

In between worrying about that, I did manage to get something done. Starting with the driveshafts I bought some skinnier tubing for sleeving the shafts and, coupled with moving the diff slightly, it does seem as though I might be alright at avoiding the chassis. Of course, the proper driveshafts should be skinnier again than these ones. So, I’ll press on at the moment.

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stripped_front_uprightHaving now got the front uprights from Jeremy the first job was to take them to bits! So, I took the bearing caps off and hence the hubs and exposed this rather nice looking spidery thing. These uprights are interesting in that they’re essentially a set of parts. The bearing support shaft here is just held at the back of the upright by a big nut. The steering arm, as you can probably see, is also a separate part.

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Stand upright at the front!

front_uprights_01I’ve finally got the front uprights through from Jeremy, who hadn’t received them from his suppliers for ages. Here’s a photo of one of  them, as you can see it’s jolly shiny!

Oddly, I seem to have two discs too, which I didn’t realise that Jeremy was going to supply. They’re not  the size that I’m going to use, and have already bought, but I might be able to press them into use as spares, I suppose.

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Balls, sphericals in fact…

suspension_bushes_doneI’ve finally managed to finish all the Delrin bearings which is a great relief. Mind you, as I went around the car I rather refined the process. So much so that the last few were much better than the earlier.

“Like pancakes”, Anthea said. Indeed, something to do with the frying pan, methinks.

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Acetal swarf…

suspension_bushes_02…I seem to have been filling the garage with it as I’ve been making the suspension bushes that I talked about. It took me a while to work out the best way of making them but I’ve mostly done it now although it’s taken an alarming amount of time for a few grams of car. Along the way I’ve reduced about 1500mm of 28mm diameter Delrin rod to, largely, swarf that’s in the bin. The big issue, actually, has been getting the tolerances right so that the bush grips properly in the wishbone but rotates around the bearing shaft properly.

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mounting_bushesOh, I do like having a lathe.

I took time out this evening from the suspension bushes because I’m waiting for a particular tool to arrive in the post from those nice people at Chronos. Instead I made these things, which are bushes for mounting the engine. They’re just bits of CDS tube, cut to length and faced in the lathe (which means that ends are actually square), welded to some bits of 3mm steel, turned so that they’re mostly round and then a hole drilled in the end and the end faced off properly. Even if I never used it for anything else, the lathe is fantastically useful for drilling holes in the centre of round components, something that’s really difficult otherwise.

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reverse_pedalsI think I might have resolved the pedal box conundrum. On the Fury I’ve got a pedal box that came from OBP which works pretty well. I had spoken to them about their top-hung pedal box but given up because it was too tall. Adrian mentioned in passing that they did a bottom hinged one with the master cylinders pointing back to the driver. After looking at their website they do indeed do so, so I’ve ordered one! This is the photo pinched from their website here.

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