And so it ends; again

Climbing the mountainSo, we’re already at the end of the season and we all made the final trek to deepest, darkest, Lincolnshire for a double header at Cadwell Park. This circuit is unique in the UK for the combination of elevation change and general twisting and turning. There isn’t really much of a straight there and it needs a huge amount of work to build up to the flow around the circuit ┬áthat’s needed. (Along with the requirement at one point to just grab the car by the scruff of its neck and throw it down a particular series of bends.

The photo on the right is due to Bryant Photography, have a look at their Facebook page.

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A tardy Caddington Park

As seems usual these days, I start with an apology. Since the last post I’ve been racing at both Cadwell and Doningon. It’s the usual excuse, I’ve just been too busy, although I did spend a welcome weekend tramping around the Peak District. All the same, despite the tardiness, I did go to Cadwell and Donington and completed four races without major mishap.

Wasn’t quick enough though…

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A watery end

And so, after a season of frenetic car building, engine swaps and sundry other excitements the RGB year ground to a halt at Cadwell at the weekend. It was, yet again, a wet weekend although a very enjoyable one. That the club managed to get 26 races on track over the 2 days, along with all the qualifying sessions, is a testament to how well organised it is. For something that only has two paid staff (and lots and lots of volunteers) this is pretty miraculous.

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bump_stops_01Well, it’s back to that in-between races fettling period. In fact, it’s a bit more than that for me because I’m going off to Spa again in a while for a couple of days whizzing around the track. Although that’s a trackday and as such I won’t be able to time myself I’m still planning on using the occasion (apart from the sheer rush from shooting up Eau Rouge) to do a bit of testing. As such I’m planning on trying a few new things.

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Another race weekend

img_0318This time it was back to Cadwell. So far I haven’t got any photos to go with this writeup but I’ve every hope of one or two arriving soon. We had a fantastic weekend in Cadwell. It only a rained a little on Friday and the rest of the weekend the sun shone, the track was grippy and there was lots of motor racing. Windy though, I seem to have windburnt extremities. Don’t ask…

New: I do now have a couple of photos. Many thanks to Dave Hackett for these.

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Using the green bits at Cadwell Park

Well, that wasn’t quite what I intended…

Much like last time out at Brands I came to Cadwell wanting to get under the 1:40 barrier which I’d never managed before. I wasn’t testing this time though, although I had signed up for the Allcomers/Hot hatch race on the Saturday to try and get at least a little testing in. Hence, we got to Cadwell on the Friday evening and set up in a surprisingly empty paddock.

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