Aiming at Rockingham

Velocity stacksWell, even though I hate the circuit, I’m now aiming for the next race at Rockingham which will take place on 5th and 6th of July. What’s more, that’s the date of the annual RGB marshals’ BBQ so I really have to be there.

As such, I’ve got a real mountain to climb although I think it’s just about feasible. Getting some time for testing sounds a bit tricky though.

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Slow progress

The chassis returnsSo, after a couple of weeks, I got the chassis back and put it up on stands in the garage although, as you can see, there’s rather of lot of junk in the garage as well.

The floor of the chassis has been bonded in, as well as riveted  with some rather natty flush rivets. Now, all I’ve got to do is to put it together. The only problem at the moment is that the grey semi-shiny finish seems to upset the camera I use and quite a lot of the photos look bizarre…

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Fettling again

Yet again, it’s back into the garage with a few things to sort. However, before that, here’s something interesting. You will remember that I was in a real race at Silverstone with a certain amount of position swapping going on. It seems as though the action was actually a little closer than I’d thought, as here’s a  small battle wound…

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Rather amazingly, I seem to have reached the end of the winter mods and reconstruction of the car. I’ve done all the suspension setup, although as usual I might do it again. I’ve also done the corner weighting.

So, all that’s left before the start of the season is to test the thing.I did drive it from the garage onto the drive again which worked. I then used the reverse to get back into the garage, which didn’t work. However, I’ve now fixed that. (Some dozy pillock had wired the motor wrongly.)

To get myself finally set up I trudged up to Harrogate today to get the car dynoed. This is the same place I took the J15 in its earlier CBR1000RR07 incarnation so, even though the actual numbers from the dyno are not relevant, the comparisons are.

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Running again

Back again, although still with little to report. What’s worse is that I’ve got some exams to mark this week so that’s going to make progress even slower than usual.

All the same, after putting the new engine in I put all the wiring back. Of course, this was a lot quicker than last time as everything was cut to the right length. You can see some of the wiring in the photo on the right. Not really very interesting though, being the same as before.

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