Not quite what I intended

Oh well, that didn’t quite work out as I intended. We went to Snetterton last weekend for the next race in the RGB championship. I was hopeful that the new engine would do something useful, although wary that the bodged around exhaust wasn’t really going to help. Also, the car hadn’t been been on a dyno which wasn’t going to help.

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I wonder if it works?

Well, after all that faff at the weekend I’ve actually got the car back together now. It started first time too, at which point I turned if off immediately because I realised I hadn’t actually put any coolant in it. Miraculously, it didn’t even take that long to get the oil pressure up. Normally when you remove the pressure relief valve in the bottom of the engine and allow the main oil gallery to empty then it takes ages and ages of spinning the engine to get the pressure up again. This time it happened almost immediately!

I just need to put it on the floor and do the obligatory bit of suspension alignment checking (why does it move all the time??) before I’m ready for the next race weekend. Of course, the only problem is that I don’t really know if either:

  • I’ve actually fixed anything or
  • it doesn’t leak oil out of one of the many places where I’ve had it in bits.

But, I can’t really see what I can do about that. The next meeting is at Oulton which has got a good deal of tarmac for driving about on so I should be able to try it to some extent, at least, before taking it on the circuit.

Gearbox repairs

So, after Silverstone I had a couple of problems to fix. However, I remembered that I didn’t write up what I did before that race. Most importantly was that I modified the seat slightly so that I sit ever so slightly more upright. I think that I’m a bit too laid back and it makes my neck hurt over the length of the race. So, I thickened the top of the seat very slightly. It certainly seemed to do the trick at Silverstone but we’ll see a bit more in the long run.

As you can see, I’m running short of red gaffer tape…

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Racing at Silverstone

Well, it was back to Silverstone again for the club’s annual August bank holiday meeting. At this meeting all the club’s formulae are racing so it’s pretty packed and hard to see how they could run it anywhere other than at Silverstone due to the amount of space available there. Problem is, it’s a completely awful circuit for spectating at. I did rather well here last year so it’d be nice to do reasonably well again.

This photo was taken by Mark <something or other> who’s talking about coming racing with is. I’ve shamelessly nicked it off his on-line photos, I hope he doesn’t mind. 🙂 (You might also be able to tell that I washed the car before the race!)

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Another weekend in Anglesey: 2

So, after the first race I was set to start the second. I didn’t really have anything to do with my car although Colin needed a bit of support as he was pretty hacked off about the attack of Mondeo man.

On the grid I was right behind Colin who was behind the Mondeo. Unfortunately, Chris Allanson pulled off on the green flag lap. There was clearly something wrong with his car but I didn’t manage to catch up with him to find out what it was.

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Another weekend in Anglesey: 1

I spent the weekend a couple of weeks ago in Anglesey again. Colin and I had entered for the Welsh Racing Drivers Association races there. I did these races a couple of years ago too and had had a great time. After the 750 meeting a few weeks ago it was hard to resist.

The photo here, by the way, I’ve nicked from the WRDA site. I hope they don’t mind… This is just after thestart of the first race on Saturday and I’m in 7th place having had to take avoiding action from that Mondeo in front of me which made an attempt at knocking me off the track. He later on made another attempt on Colin (who’s actually in the lead here) which battered Colin’s already considerably battered car rather seriously.

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A short race

I’ve been looking at the data logs from Donington. I was rather amused to see this picture of my complete race there. As you can see, the bit to the start/finish line was almost as long as the rest of the race.

No worry, I’ve lightened up a bit now. I’m actually doing some races next at Anglesey with a different club. Hopefully that means I can relax a bit and get my brain back into gear.