croftWe set off for the far horizons of Croft circuit a few weeks ago. This was the first visit of the 750 club to the circuit and, after the welcome that we had, I’m sure we’ll be back. Some of the circuit staff regulars were commenting that they were unused to having to grid up a full grid of cars. Apparently a meeting the week before had had two races with only four cars on the grid. That’s just bonkers, we wouldn’t have run the race as the club would lose a lot of money. Continue reading “Crofted”

So near but so far

Battery clamp-001I’m getting closer to the end of all this, but there’s still a long way to go. I’ve got a few things to say, though, which is quite good considering I’ve been out of the country for a week recently. A consequence of getting closer to the end is that there’s a whole lot of more bitty things been going on. Hence this is going to be a bit fragmented.

First up, and with its own photo, is a better strap to hold the battery in place. Told you it was going to be interesting, didn’t I? Continue reading “So near but so far”

The finishing line hoves into view

Final end mouldsAlthough, to be fair, it’s still a long way away… I’ve managed to make a decent bit of progress over the long Easter weekend, the time albeit being marred by death of an old friend and being laid up with a bloody migraine. (I reckon I know what it is now, whenever I take a holiday I get cluster of migraines. Apparently that’s not uncommon.)

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Long time no see

sabre dash panel-004So, you might well wonder where I’ve been. The answer is, beavering away but not finding the time to talk about it due to all the other non-car work that’s going on. So, this is kind of a catch up post where I’ll probably spend too little time really telling you all the stuff that you’re desperate to know about.

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Another small update of bits and pieAirboxces this time. I’m at that bit of the build where there’s a whole stack of things to do and I seem to be spending too much time deciding what to do next.

Anyway, here’s an airbox. I’ve decided to just start with the standard airbox. As I’d twizzled the one on the J15 around it wasn’t going to be possible to use that so I found another one on eBay and here it is…

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Here we go again

Storage boxesThe first race of the season is now just a few days away and it’s going to be a really busy day. We’ve got two races in a day and, because Donington operate what seems to me to be a completely unacceptable testing regime, there’s no testing on the friday before the race. My view is that the club shouldn’t give the circuit our monies if they aren’t prepared to accommodate us for testing but I don’t hold much sway and so I’m going into two races on a new circuit (we’re on the GP circuit) pretty much blind.

The one slight saving grace is that the club have managed to get a test session into the start of the programme. This means that I’ve got two practice sessions and two races to fit in on the day, which is going to be a bit pressed, to say the least.

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Dashing along

Well, hardly that to be honest. Dawdling would be closer to the truth.

After Brands one of the immediately obvious issues was that the airbox had fallen apart. The top panel had been completely ripped off which is slightly alarming. I think I might have precipitated this; at some point before the Brands race I was doing something around the head restraint area and managed to nut the airbox rather firmly. Although leaving me rather dizzy I did recall an ominous cracking sound. At that point I found that the aluminium support brackets at the top of the ‘box had fatigued into two parts, which I put down to making them in 1mm sheet so I remade them with 2mm sheet. However, perhaps I fatally wounded the airbox at the same time, as well as nigh on fatally wounding me.

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So, it was time for another race. I decided that I could take the weekend off finishing my thesis (which I have since finished, yay!) and make the loooong drive to Pembrey for two RGB races. Problem with Pembrey is that it’s  a long way and it has a bad habit of raining. Rain as in absolutely pouring down, not that sort of pathetic English rain but the full-on Welsh variety.

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It’s getting back to normal service here. especially as I’ve just finished the first final draft (yes, I know that doesn’t make sense) of my thesis. So,I thought to myself, “I’ll update the blog before I go to bed”. See? I really care.

After all the stuff I’ve done recently, a sensible person would get the car to a dyno to set it up properly. However, I just won’t have time for that so I decided to fit the wideband lambda sensor on the car. When I designed the wiring loom I included wiring for this sensor, which I had installed on the Fury, but I never got around to installing the sensor. As I’d put the boss into the exhaust it seemed that now was a decent time to install it.

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