I thought you said you’d finished that?

Finished what? Well, just a moment and I’ll tell you. Up first, though, is a riveting photo of a wheel and tyre. This is a new A048R mounted on one of the wheels that I bought from Compomotive a while ago. I know it looks just like one of the Fury wheels but it’s got a different offset. When I took the car to Andy’s I had real trouble getting it on the trailer because the different offset of the Fury wheels I was using at the time meant that that track was 38mm wider than it should be.

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Backs to the wall

Well, there’s a bit more progress to tell you about. First of, the panelling is almost completed. The first part of this was putting the seat backs in place, as seen in the photo on the right. These are actually held in with rivnuts, as I reckon being able to remove them will be quite useful, for example for getting at the exhaust.

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All chained up

Phew! I have finished as much of the panelling that I’m doing at the moment, leaving the car looking like the photo here which, I’m sure you’ll agree is not one of my better photographic efforts. Still, it’s the best I could find without venturing back to the (bloody freezing) garage. All of the panels are there now, apart from the seat back and above the driver’s legs. The former’s not there because I want to retain easy access to the engine compartment and the latter because I need to finish the steering column first.

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Another day, another panel

Shoulder panelI’ve nothing to say really, but posting things makes me think that things are moving forwards, and I can continue whining to you lot about the tedium of panelling.

I added another two of the little b*******s to the car today, the first being the “shoulder” panel in the photo. By the way, in the background you can see the Fury sitting there all unloved and neglected. However, I’m going to have to start re-invigorating it soon. I’m hoping to get the J15 to a rolling chassis versi0n fairly soon so as to facilitate that.

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The return of the tedium

If you remember, I said I was bored with panelling. Well, I am so again. However, before moaning about that, here’s another picture of the diff assembly.

The only difference between this and the previous ones, is that I’ve made one of the spacers that hold the plates in the right position. Of the other two apices of the triangle, one will bolt to the rear engine mounting and the other will have another spacer, but one with a connection to one (or two, I haven’t decided yet) turnbuckles for getting tension in the chain.

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