New season coming rushing up

Fullscreen-capture-12022013-231258Finally,  I seem to be making a bit of progress on the car. Mind you, precious little of this progress has translated to this website. I have, though, been doing stuff on two other sites. The new 750 website was produced with a good deal of help from me and I’ve also been putting together a new site for RGB to go with the existing forum. Note that even if you’re not an RGBer you can now invest in some RGB teamwear to make you feel more a part of the action. Perhaps, though, the RGB umbrellas will be a better choice if we have the same sort of summer as we had last year.

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Soaking in Silverstone

Last weekend it was time, yet again, for the club’s August bank holiday meeting at Silverstone. This is the one meeting of the year when all the racing formulae are at the same meeting so it’s very busy, and bustling. I’d decided not to test as I know the  circuit rather well. However, after swapping the clutch I thought it’d be useful to do the Allcomers race which was absolutely first thing on the Saturday morning, so as to check that everything was working.

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Emerging, blinking, into the light

Yesterday, Colin said I’d not updated this blog for “years”. This is a slight exageration as it’s nearly been three weeks. However, it is too long. There’s been lots of other things on, you see. Just to make you realise how hard we pseudo academics work I was even at a conference for all of last weekend so I didn’t get any time at all to go in the garage then. Continue reading “Emerging, blinking, into the light”

Brake, turn in and…

I’ve been pressing on, although I don’t seem to be making sufficient progress to make me feel comfortable. Still, some things are happening. I have, though, managed to completely finish the hydraulic side of the braking.

So, here’s a nice shiny picture of the final arrangement of the master cylinders, lurking at the bottom of the footwell.

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Creeping forwards

fury_for_snettertonThere’s another race meeting coming up so I needed to sort the Fury again. After Silverstone I was concerned that I might have deranged the suspension after narrowly missing a spinning Duncan by escaping over the huge kerb at Becketts. I noticed at the weekend that the F1 people were whinging about Monza having put some huge kerbs in. Serves them right, I reckon.

So, I tipped the Spectre chassis on its side-it’s still light enough to do that-and put the Fury in an accessible position and spent a merry 5 hours checking the suspension alignment, which all seemed to be fine. Hmm, that was a waste of time then.

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