croftWe set off for the far horizons of Croft circuit a few weeks ago. This was the first visit of the 750 club to the circuit and, after the welcome that we had, I’m sure we’ll be back. Some of the circuit staff regulars were commenting that they were unused to having to grid up a full grid of cars. Apparently a meeting the week before had had two races with only four cars on the grid. That’s just bonkers, we wouldn’t have run the race as the club would lose a lot of money. Continue reading “Crofted”

And so it ends; again

Climbing the mountainSo, we’re already at the end of the season and we all made the final trek to deepest, darkest, Lincolnshire for a double header at Cadwell Park. This circuit is unique in the UK for the combination of elevation change and general twisting and turning. There isn’t really much of a straight there and it needs a huge amount of work to build up to the flow around the circuit ┬áthat’s needed. (Along with the requirement at one point to just grab the car by the scruff of its neck and throw it down a particular series of bends.

The photo on the right is due to Bryant Photography, have a look at their Facebook page.

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Red nose day

SunsetOK, I realise that I’ve been very uninformative recently although some of you may have noticed the odd posting on Facebook. As a consequence this is going to be a rather truncated posting to just give you the general idea.

In a while you will understand the relevance of that rather spectacular photo on the right, for which many thanks are due to Dan Sayles: “Afghan Dan” to his friends for reasons too bizarre to go into. He always takes a set of great photos of RGB meetings and this is one of the best. For now, though, just look at the nice picture.

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A tardy Caddington Park

As seems usual these days, I start with an apology. Since the last post I’ve been racing at both Cadwell and Doningon. It’s the usual excuse, I’ve just been too busy, although I did spend a welcome weekend tramping around the Peak District. All the same, despite the tardiness, I did go to Cadwell and Donington and completed four races without major mishap.

Wasn’t quick enough though…

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Boating at Brands

It was Brands time again. One of the best circuits on the calendar and a real challenge for a driver. Problem was, the weather forecast was pretty poor. I’d booked a half day testing on the Friday before the race and we went down on the Thursday evening and set up camp in the burgeoning RGB village in the middle of the outer paddock. On the Friday morning we seemed to be just about the only people there. The clouds were lowering above us threatening us with doom and despondancy.

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Competition returns

So, last weekend we returned to Silverstone for the start of the new season. Traditionally RGB races at Silverstone (which up to now have been held on the August bank holiday weekend) are held in climatic conditions that more resemble the depths of winter than a summer, even an English one. However, this weekend was to work out well. It got a bit gloomy on a couple of occasions but that was it. Amazing…

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A watery end

And so, after a season of frenetic car building, engine swaps and sundry other excitements the RGB year ground to a halt at Cadwell at the weekend. It was, yet again, a wet weekend although a very enjoyable one. That the club managed to get 26 races on track over the 2 days, along with all the qualifying sessions, is a testament to how well organised it is. For something that only has two paid staff (and lots and lots of volunteers) this is pretty miraculous.

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Not quite what I intended

Oh well, that didn’t quite work out as I intended. We went to Snetterton last weekend for the next race in the RGB championship. I was hopeful that the new engine would do something useful, although wary that the bodged around exhaust wasn’t really going to help. Also, the car hadn’t been been on a dyno which wasn’t going to help.

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