A short race

I’ve been looking at the data logs from Donington. I was rather amused to see this picture of my complete race there. As you can see, the bit to the start/finish line was almost as long as the rest of the race.

No worry, I’ve lightened up a bit now. I’m actually doing some races next at Anglesey with a different club. Hopefully that means I can relax a bit and get my brain back into gear.

Using the green bits at Cadwell Park

Well, that wasn’t quite what I intended…

Much like last time out at Brands I came to Cadwell wanting to get under the 1:40 barrier which I’d never managed before. I wasn’t testing this time though, although I had signed up for the Allcomers/Hot hatch race on the Saturday to try and get at least a little testing in. Hence, we got to Cadwell on the Friday evening and set up in a surprisingly empty paddock.

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A long weekend at Brands

Extraordinary wallowing carSo, I’m back from Brands and I’ve finally got around to updating this site. The problem is, I’m in the middle of writing the “qualifying dissertation” for my PhD and haven’t really had the time to get around to this place. Still, the one line summary of Brands is that I went faster than I’ve ever done before but it was still a rather frustrating weekend.

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