Out with a whimper

The last races of the season took place at Oulton Park, a great circuit in Cheshire where it always seems to rain. However, this time on the journey there it didn’t rain so much as monsooned, if that’s a noun that can be verbed. That is, it absolutely threw it down. When we got there the car, which is carried on an open trailer, was not so much wet as impersonating a bathtub.

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Broke it again

Another race weekend at Snetterton, with an annoying final result. Oh well… Back to the beginning, though. The schedule was for there to be an RGB race on the Sunday only. However, the club had opened up the Bikesports race to us and, dutifully, a whole stack of us had signed up only for the race to be over-subscribed. That meant that there was now a non-championship RGB race and a championship one. The qualifying for the former was to be run with the Bikesports chaps.

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Soaking in Silverstone

Last weekend it was time, yet again, for the club’s August bank holiday meeting at Silverstone. This is the one meeting of the year when all the racing formulae are at the same meeting so it’s very busy, and bustling. I’d decided not to test as I know theĀ  circuit rather well. However, after swapping the clutch I thought it’d be useful to do the Allcomers race which was absolutely first thing on the Saturday morning, so as to check that everything was working.

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Emerging, blinking, into the light

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Overdoing it…

Well, it was time for another race at Pembrey, only the second time I’ve ever been to the circuit. As such I signed up for the test day. That was to turn out to be a waste of money.

Before going on about that though, I suggest you go off to the 750 Motor Club web site. On the front page, at the time of writing, you can see the TV programme on the second Brands meeting earlier this year in which I feature a fair bit.

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Composite post

Firstly the Fury. Adrian came over at the weekend and in between glimpsing at the GP and England’s dismal performance in the footie (the latter not being a great interest of mine, but Anthea’s from Liverpool so it’s in her genes) we started sorting out the Fury. Adrian set to sorting out the sidepod which was battered against the chassis side-impact protection and I started getting at the chassis.

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