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The cones hotline

At speed with coneDespite the optimistic title of a recent rare report, I’ve still not got up to date. I’m only two meetings behind though, so bear with me.

Next up was Silverstone International. This is the “back half” of the GP circuit and is a meeting run out of the “Wing” that is used for the F1 meetings. It might well be a great venue for F1 but it’s nigh on useless for club motorsport. For a start it’s a prodigious distance from the main gate and there is, to put it mildly, not enough space. Remember that there’s many more of the entire 750 club than a full F1 grid of, yawn, 20 cars. Continue reading The cones hotline

At last!

In flight at Cadwell ParkI and a floating collection of mostly like-minded nutters have been competing the annual 750 Motor Club 6 hour “Birkett” relay race for some years now. If you’ve never seen it and you’re a petrolhead you ought to make yourself go along one year as there’s really nothing like it in club racing. Essentially you’ve got 70-ish cars on the Silverstone GP track each of which is a representative of a team of up to 6 cars. That means that there’s something like 400 race cars in the paddock taking part in the same race which is verging on the awe-inspiring.

Before lurching into full on rambling, here’s a gratuitous photo from the meeting at Cadwell Park as reported on here. Continue reading At last!

New season coming rushing up

Fullscreen-capture-12022013-231258Finally,  I seem to be making a bit of progress on the car. Mind you, precious little of this progress has translated to this website. I have, though, been doing stuff on two other sites. The new 750 website was produced with a good deal of help from me and I’ve also been putting together a new site for RGB to go with the existing forum. Note that even if you’re not an RGBer you can now invest in some RGB teamwear to make you feel more a part of the action. Perhaps, though, the RGB umbrellas will be a better choice if we have the same sort of summer as we had last year.

Continue reading New season coming rushing up

Competition returns

So, last weekend we returned to Silverstone for the start of the new season. Traditionally RGB races at Silverstone (which up to now have been held on the August bank holiday weekend) are held in climatic conditions that more resemble the depths of winter than a summer, even an English one. However, this weekend was to work out well. It got a bit gloomy on a couple of occasions but that was it. Amazing…

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