Working the body

CF rearNot posted for a while, and not much to talk about really.  After doing the new sidepods I’ve been working on the rear bodywork. Here’s the mould all together in one piece waiting for the layup to start.CF rear infusedAs usual, I was galvanised by going to the 750 Motor Club awards do a while ago and all of a sudden the new season is creeping up on us. So, I set about getting this new rear bodywork done and after the usual process here it is  all infused. Entertainingly, there’s a hole in this mould where the engine cover goes and it’s essentially turned into a drum where the two sides of the bag are pressed into each other.

Robust gearchangeWhile all that was going one, I’ve rebuilt the gearchange in a slightly more robust manner. The earlier version was actually a bit too flimsy and I’d bent it a couple of times and bolted in an ugly lump of steel to stop it doing so. In order to make this new one I had to review my aluminium welding skills which had become sadly atrophied. However, all is well and I’ve learnt the benefits of lanthanated tungstens. (The gold ones, if you’re up to speed with such things.)

The new bodywork part popped out of the mould well and I’m now in the process of fitting the new bodywork. The issue I’m now faced with is whether to go with trying to get the whole car in glossy carbon finish. The new  parts are of fair quality but they’re not perfect. However, the good bits are so good that it’s probably possible to ignore the less good bits. (Or perhaps cover them with carbon effect vinyl tape?)

The problem there, of course, is that I’d have to make a new front bodywork part as well. Not sure I’ve got the energy for that.

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