Catching up

Yes I know, late again. My excuse is that I’ve really done nothing to the car that’s worthwhile talking about. I’ve just done a bunch of racing. If I’m honest I have been wondering if I’m getting to the end of my time as a racer but I have enjoyed a few highlights of the end of the season. Before that, the photo on the right is from the meeting at Croft as described earlier. Wet, as I said…

After Croft it was off to Anglesey again for a couple of races around the coastal circuit. I had a couple of decent races, finishing in 8th place in each race.

After that it was time to go to a new circuit. Well, newish. Many years ago we did a single race at Thruxton and the biggest thing I can remember about it was that it was ridiculously wet and we ended up sitting on the grid for ages while the circuit staff cleaned up the mess that had arrived in the previous race.

On this occasion we had two races in one day unlike the single race back in 2006. I’d booked a couple of test sessions on the day before the race and got up to a decent speed, helped by a few laps earlier in the day in the back of a Skoda diesel saloon driven in an exuberant manner by one of the local instructors.

I had a couple of great races, with a goodly amount of battling. I finished 5th and 4th in the two races. Here’s the video of the first race:

And here’s the second race. At least I got a slightly better start in this one.

I really enjoyed the racing here. The circuit’s really quick and pretty challenging. Most amazingly, in the second race every single RGB car had a fastest lap at over 100mph average. My fastest lap was 1:21.08. Back in 2006 the fastest lap in the dry qualifying session was 1:23.59. What’s more, that was in a car with a 1300cc engine. Such is the progress that we’ve made over the last few years.

And then we went to Rockingham. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do this horrible circuit again and I got talked into it. Suffice it to say that I really didn’t enjoy it much.

The last meeting of  the season was at Donington. This time on the much preferable National circuit. We had a great weekend, albeit dodging the rain for much of the weekend. One of the highlights was a take away Indian held in our awning while the rain lashed down outside. (I ejected the car in favour of the food.)

On the track I had a couple of decent-ish races,, finishing in 5th and 6th places. Here’s the video of the first race:

And this is the second one, the last RGB race of the season:

I actually ended up the season in 4th place overall in class R,  only just away from getting a pot at the annual awards do.

The final race of the season, though, is going to be the Birkett. Six hours of mayhem around the Silverstone GP circuit. The car’s prepared already:

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