Dijon et pierre d’argent

Dijon=PrenoisDon’t worry, there’s only a little French… In any case, my abilities to express myself in French seem to have rather atrophied since I worked in Geneva. Not that they were much good then really.

In any case, you might wonder why I’m wittering on in French. You may remember from other discussion here (in particular about escapades at Spa) that Colin and I occasionally make a European foray. This time we had booked ourselves onto a track day at the Dijon circuit in France. Like Spa, which isn’t actually at Spa but at a little place called Francorchamps the circuit at Dijon isn’t actually at Dijon but at a little village called Prenois. The circuit, though, is forever associated with the last laps of the French GP of 1979 which had Gilles Villeneuve and Réné Arnoux in a tremendous tussle for second place. (Without looking at the link, and if you’re a racing fan, can you actually remember who won the race?)

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Spoiling, splitting and sparring

airfoil_streamlinesIt’s been a while since I posted here, for which there’s a complicated reason that won’t fit into this margin.

We’re working up now to the next race at Anglesey. As I write it’s warm and sunny outside; doubtless this presages a race weekend at Anglesey with horizontal rain. Having suffered hugely at Anglesey in the past I’m very wary about the weather there.

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bump_stops_01Well, it’s back to that in-between races fettling period. In fact, it’s a bit more than that for me because I’m going off to Spa again in a while for a couple of days whizzing around the track. Although that’s a trackday and as such I won’t be able to time myself I’m still planning on using the occasion (apart from the sheer rush from shooting up Eau Rouge) to do a bit of testing. As such I’m planning on trying a few new things.

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