Race preparation

I’m sure it’s not like this at McLaren. In the limited time I’ve had since the Anglesey disaster (see Austen’s video in the last post for reference) I’ve essentially been patching the car back together. I’ve re setup it all up, after having the rear wheel knocked seriously astray and now I’m onto the bodywork.

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Pressured and punctured…

So, at long last it was time for the J15’s race debut. In fact it was two debuts as I’d entered the Allcomers race as well as the RGB race so as to get a bit of track time. That meant scrutineering at 0730 but, as you’d expect, I’d woken up by 0530 anyway and after struggling to get back to sleep I gave up.

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End of the season

malloryA little vignette of an RGB/750 club paddock:

I took my cordless drill to Mallory, as I always do. I didn’t use it though. However, two other people borrowed it:

  • Adrian was having cat problems, again, and used the drill to hack out the remains of yet another expensive waste of money
  • Andy borrowed the drill to help him repair the bonnet of an MG Midget that was racing that day, although clearly not in an RGB race.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s great.

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clean_garage_01It’d be nice to get going, but of course I need to wait for things to be manufactured. In the meantime I’ve been getting the Fury ready for its next outing, and starting to organise myself for the Spectre build.

Apart from starting to make a big list of things to buy, do and design, I started out with clearing out the garage. I’m going to have to try and build the car with the Fury tucked in the corner of the garage, unless I can find some other convenient way of storing the Fury. In the meantime, I know this will work as I originally built the Fury while the Dax was still in the garage, and I think that was wider than the Fury is, even though it was a se7en-like car.

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