Wintry festivities

Donington ParkOK, it’s probably a bit early for festivities but I’m hoping that when I finish writing this page and, even, uploading it then it’ll still be too early for the festive season to have properly started. In which case you’ll be able to give this post your full and undivided attention.

I’m also planning on it being rather shorter than last time.

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2016, and all that

Another year, another season. So, right  at the start of the year, it’s time to tell you what I’ve been up to and, more importantly, what I plan on being up to. I’ve got a bit less time than I had in that having been “retired” since last January I’ve now actually gone and got a real job again. (Well, real-ish, if you count being an academic as actually working…) It’s only 80% of my time though, so there is at least Fridays. Continue reading “2016, and all that”

A plan gets closer together

Sidepod floorSo, carrying on from last week, I pressed on with the overall bodywork fitment. Having started fitting that ply floor I showed you last time I carried on and added some diagonal supports to stiffen it up. You may noticed that I added a piece of angle all along the edge of this; this will provide some place to rivet the outer surface to. Continue reading “A plan gets closer together”

So near but so far

Battery clamp-001I’m getting closer to the end of all this, but there’s still a long way to go. I’ve got a few things to say, though, which is quite good considering I’ve been out of the country for a week recently. A consequence of getting closer to the end is that there’s a whole lot of more bitty things been going on. Hence this is going to be a bit fragmented.

First up, and with its own photo, is a better strap to hold the battery in place. Told you it was going to be interesting, didn’t I? Continue reading “So near but so far”

The finishing line hoves into view

Final end mouldsAlthough, to be fair, it’s still a long way away… I’ve managed to make a decent bit of progress over the long Easter weekend, the time albeit being marred by death of an old friend and being laid up with a bloody migraine. (I reckon I know what it is now, whenever I take a holiday I get cluster of migraines. Apparently that’s not uncommon.)

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Fit the Fifth

Expired CV joint-002…in which our intrepid hero sets out on his fifth quest to slay some unperceived dragon, albeit starting by avoiding a trip to Pembrey in the land of the dragons.

Back in the real world I took the J15’s bodywork off to have a look at the damage as a consequence of the CV joint. As you can see a goodly quantity of CV joint grease was scattered about and I found a single one of the balls out of this tripode joint skittering about on top of the floor pan. The rest of them must have escaped captivity in Snetterton.

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