All on my ownsome…

There’s still no chassis here, so I’ve been getting on with other things. i did phone up the powder coating company on Friday afternoon when it became apparent that I might be able to get over to Soham. However, there was no answer so I guess they’d gone home early. Either that or they’ve gone out of business taking my chassis with them… 🙁

Here’s something though, in that I’ve finally finished the rear brakes. The new taps I ordered arrived and I was able to properly  cut the threads. I did have an experiment using helicoils but, for some reason, I didn’t feel confident about it. All the same, I’ll keep the helicoiled part as a spare.

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Just take a seat, will you?

A thing I’ve been concerned about for a while is whether the seat belt mountings are OK for use with the HANS device, which requires that the angle of dangle of the belts between the HANS and the mountings is within 20° of horizontal. So, I installed a seat (that is, the old blanket that I use for such things) and took a video of myself sitting down in the seat in various ways. The photo on the right is an image capture from this video, which I made with the video camera I inherited off my Dad.

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Now I come to think about it

In the cold, hard, light of day there’s another possibility for the brakes. I could tap the caliper mounts in the uprights, as shown here, for say, M12x1.5 and I could then fasten the caliper mounting blocks directly into the upright without needing a bolt head on outside in the way of the disc. That way I could use the sort of discs that I’ve got on the back of the Fury and I’d be sure they’d fit under the wheels.

This is essentially how the front brakes on the Fury mount to the uprights (ex mk II Escort in that case) so it must be possible to make it work, especially with the addition of copious amounts of thread lock. Certainly seems a decent idea…

It’s a topsy-turvy world

Of course, with it being Christmas and all, it’d be nice to think that I could make some good progress on the car. Admittedly, I do have some work to do, not the least trying to get some shape into what’s going to be in my PhD thesis which I’m supposed to write next year. I wonder what I’ll write about?

In between worrying about that, I did manage to get something done. Starting with the driveshafts I bought some skinnier tubing for sleeving the shafts and, coupled with moving the diff slightly, it does seem as though I might be alright at avoiding the chassis. Of course, the proper driveshafts should be skinnier again than these ones. So, I’ll press on at the moment.

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