A return to the lists

Airbox coverNo, I don’t charging up and down on a horse with a lance and trying to kill someone. In contrast, I mean making lists of things to do over the winter, many of which won’t actually get done. This year, though, things are a little different in that I’ve (well, really we’ve decided) to stop full time work at the end of the year. Whether this translates immediately into no work, or just part time work is anyone’s guess. For now, though, I studiously avoiding the R word, because that’s something that old people do. Continue reading “A return to the lists”


Another small update of bits and pieAirboxces this time. I’m at that bit of the build where there’s a whole stack of things to do and I seem to be spending too much time deciding what to do next.

Anyway, here’s an airbox. I’ve decided to just start with the standard airbox. As I’d twizzled the one on the J15 around it wasn’t going to be possible to use that so I found another one on eBay and here it is…

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Dashing along

Well, hardly that to be honest. Dawdling would be closer to the truth.

After Brands one of the immediately obvious issues was that the airbox had fallen apart. The top panel had been completely ripped off which is slightly alarming. I think I might have precipitated this; at some point before the Brands race I was doing something around the head restraint area and managed to nut the airbox rather firmly. Although leaving me rather dizzy I did recall an ominous cracking sound. At that point I found that the aluminium support brackets at the top of the ‘box had fatigued into two parts, which I put down to making them in 1mm sheet so I remade them with 2mm sheet. However, perhaps I fatally wounded the airbox at the same time, as well as nigh on fatally wounding me.

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Red again

At last I feel as if I’m getting somewhere. Given what I need to do before the season starts that’s a good thing.

I’ve finished sticking the airbox together, and the final version is in the photo on the right. Actually, that’s not quite final as since then I’ve arranged a couple of little brackets to stabilise it to the roll cage and covered up that hole which was a failed attempt at getting access to one of the fixings on the top of the standard airbox; I’ve decided to live without it.

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Running again

Back again, although still with little to report. What’s worse is that I’ve got some exams to mark this week so that’s going to make progress even slower than usual.

All the same, after putting the new engine in I put all the wiring back. Of course, this was a lot quicker than last time as everything was cut to the right length. You can see some of the wiring in the photo on the right. Not really very interesting though, being the same as before.

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Back to work

OK, I know I’ve been tardy about posting lately, but not very much has been going on. However, I’ve been re-invigorated by a trip up to the Autosport International show this week, along with Adrian. I didn’t actually buy anything but it was great looking at all the bits and we bumped into loads of fellow RGBers.

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Startup 08

It’s definitely the finishing straight now, barring some horrific problem. First up is that I finished re-installing the transmission. As a consequence of careful design and planning, cough, it all fitted fine and will hopefully work OK.

Luckily, the gearchange lever on the ’08 engine is in almost exactly the same position as on the ’07 engine so no change was necessary here. You can see my super-long gearchange cable snaking around the engine in the photo here.

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